East Road Motors

East Road Motors at 58 Carolyn Road East, Carmel Hamlet, NY 10512: Contacts, address, phone, site, reviews, directions, opening hours, photos, map.

Establishment   Car repair  


Phone number:
+1 845-225-3503

58 Carolyn Road East, Carmel Hamlet, NY 10512
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Establishment   Car repair  

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Opening hours

Monday 08:00am — 06:00pm
Tuesday 08:00am — 06:00pm
Wednesday 08:00am — 06:00pm
Thursday 08:00am — 06:00pm
Friday 08:00am — 06:00pm
Saturday 08:00am — 01:00pm
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  • Rob R
    Dec, 01 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    The owner and his son seem like nice guys but if you depend on your mower and can't afford to go weeks without it, this is not the shop to go to. I dropped off a push mower for repair and called a few days later to check up on it. The owner was annoyed with me saying he has plenty of repair work and wasn't going to be able to look at mine for a few more days. Three weeks later (summer is halfway over) he calls me with an estimate, roughly $120, I thought that was fair but it took another week to actually have the repair completed. I picked it up, again they were nice but seem to be the only game in town so they are swamped and have a don't care attitude ( which is weird). I used my lawn mower once ( was happy as hell to not have to pay someone to cut it for me) and it refused to start the next time. I called them up, the owner was annoyed with me saying I must have screwed something up. Anyway, he had it for another 2 weeks and gave me a scolding saying that he was doing me a favor for not charging me an additional repair cost. Had he repaired it correctly the first time this wouldn't have been an issue. He became very rude. A few weeks later the mower stopped again. I gave up and left it on the curb. Money wasted. If you need your lawn mower repaired effectively and in a timely manner, this is not the shop to go to. I don't care how many years he has been in business, bad service is bad service. Find another shop, spare yourselves the headache.
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